Hello, I've been a long time user of TS on both PC and Mac. Today, a friend of mine and I were going to hop onto a server when I noticed when TS was booting my mouse cursor would not move, and my wallpapers were not rotating. Whenever TS finally booted, all was good, however, whenever I would exit out of another application say Steam or Chrome then I would experience the same issues I was experiencing when TS booted up (note that Team Speak is still running). So I decided to test the waters out and see if Team Speak was the root of the problem, and my suspicions were correct as whenever TS was not running, all my other applications would open and close without no problem or freezing. I have tried only two things that may resolve this issue (but didn't)... I tried both restarting my PC, and uninstalling and reinstalling the program to no avail. I would certainly like some guidance here because I don't believe it may contain a virus, but I have yet to run a scan so I will update whenever that comes around. I would also like to know if anyone else on Windows 8 has experienced this issue before with any other application (it can be with Team speak or any other program), and how you may have solved this issue. Thank you in advanced!

-- Also I hope I didn't put this in the wrong section, and if I did I apologize