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    Can not connect to my own server after installation

    I had a teamspeak server running for well over a year without any problems and needed to switch to a new server due to my old contract running out. A new very small virtual linux root server which got delivered with a fresh copy of jessie minimal installed on it was ordered earlier this week.
    After installing apache, mysql and phpadmin I am able to look at a webpage I have created. Installing and starting a teamspeak server worked flawless but I am not able to connect to the server via the teamspeak client. No iptable entries are set and netstat shows that the server is listening to the correct ports. As I am pretty new to linux are there any obvious steps I am missing? What else do I have to configure? The last time I set up my server has been a couple of years ago and it just worked flawlessly without any modification. thank you.

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    Since this is a rented box, I suggest to talk to your techsupport first. (Assuming you did not derped iptables.)

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    TS Server seems to be running and listening to ports, firewall isn't active and default is ACCEPT, so you should be able to connect.

    It may be that your Teamspeak client tried to connect to the wrong machine, but you edited this information out and you did not provide a client log. In the client log you can see the true IP address and port the client tried to connect. This must be the IP address of your new box.

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