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    Problems with people with permissions

    Hello people! Recently we paid and built a whole new server for gamers to play in, there are many gamers on the server and 2 admins are not enough, so we made special groups for admins, one for people to fix and modify permissions (Architect), And another for people to give permissions to move around the server, the thing is, someone in the admins or Architect group has been messing with permissions and I want to find out who it is to remove his/her permissions, I tried looking at the server logs but it seems to be flooded with some kind of spam thing, Any idea of what can I do?
    Thank you

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    Better open the server log directly from the hard drive and then search for the permissions that have been mesed up.
    But will find nothing, when logging for permissions and/or Query was disbaled meanwhile.

    Having multiple admins who can adjust or add permission can always be exactly that problem. It's hard dto find hidden permissions or changes afterwards.
    About the *hidden* permissions on users:
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