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    Teamspeak freezes during playing CS:GO!

    I'd like to ask for advice. I had to reinstall my PC - from Win10 to Win7 and now I have problem. First, before I launch game, I minimalize teamspeak, then I go to game. Everything works fine, until I'm actually in game - in matchmaking, then my TeamSpeak freezes and nobody can't hear me. When I minimalize game, TeamSpeak is completely freezed and it does not responding. Then I have to wait few seconds and then it works and my friends can hear me. But after 5 mins it happens again. And then, when game is over, everyone can hear me. I've also tried run TS as admin and change compatibility mode to WinXP, Vista, etc., but it does not work.. Mumble works without problems.. What could cause this problem? Thanks for advices!

    Sorry for bad English!

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    Show us a screenshot of Teamspeak process in Task Manager when this occurs, as well as your PC's performance, that may help us find a solution or w/e.

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