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    Hey guys i got a quick question,

    I always game while using TS3 and my wife/son(2years) often watch me game etc now i have a problem with inapropiate avatars(or profile photos) now my question, is there a way to disable these? like for ts to never show any photos/avatars?

    Or can i buy my own ts server and disable avatars/photos completely in it? (Pref option 1 tho so if there is a way let me know please!)

    Thanks for the trouble/help

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    Just don't click on user while your son is there or close the right info dialog while he is there.
    This was option 1.

    You can disable or remove avatars via permission when you are admin.
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    Another 1 more option, which is to block someone's avatar, manually.

    All you have to do is;
    1. Add the use as a friend.
    2. Go to "Contacts" list.
    3. Choose the user from your list.
    4. Go to "Ignore" on the right column.
    5. Tick "Hide Avatar".

    Side Note: This can be done to friends/blocked/neutral users.

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