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    Need help with IPV6 teamspeak server connections and Airport Extreme Port Forwarding

    I have created a private teamspeak server for my friends and I to use while we play games and what not instead of skype and it used really well for a while until I started having internet issues and replaced my router which deleted my port forwarding and I didn't host a server for a while after. Now I want to start hosting my teamspeak server again but I am not sure if I am port forwarding properly and my public IP address seems to have changed to an IPV6 address and it doesn't work when my friends try and connect to it. I will insert some images of the port forwarding if some of you can check that and if anyone has some tips on how to fix the IPV6 connection issues please help me out! Thank you so much for your time I hope you have a good day
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    There is no support yet for IPv6 in stable Server and Client.

    IPv6 needs server 3.0.13 and client 3.0.20.
    Both are not released as stable yet, but you can test the beta releases.
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    I would strongly recommend you to set the serverquery port as a private port because otherwise everyone can connect as a serverquery on your teamspeak server. You should use IPTables or the Windows Firewall to block all IP Addresses except yours, localhost and maybe for some serverlists. I know that people cant do anything with the serverquery if they have no permissions but it can be a security breach anyhows.

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