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    [Suggestion] Show channel icon in spacer.

    Add support for channel icons in CSpacer channels.

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    That would destroy the meaning of a spacer.
    A spacer is designed to be a banner in the client gui. Having an icon behind such banner, makes no sense in our opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    That would destroy the menaing of a spacer.
    A spacer is designed to be a banner in the client gui. Having an icon behind such banner, makes no sense in our opinion.
    I do not Agree!

    It does. Especially for Communites / clans and streamers... for everyone who uses ts , except small 5-10 slot servers.
    It would be awesome if this feature would be just .. possible :P isteand of you think "in your opionion" it makes no sense.

    But with an icon behind e.g. it "flags" the start of a game, ts3 area or something like that. It does make lot of sense.
    Almost every our cspacer would have an icon if just possible. Ok same cspacer do not need em.
    BUT, it could be used to show /games / groups / servers aso .. even if its meant to be a banner it would just be nice to be able to add an icon... instead of adding and then find out that it doesnt work... If somone doesnt want to have an icon... just set none :P.

    So text purpose of cspacer is to align text to center/middle but anyway an icon at the very end (right side), same as all other icons. .. just the possibilty would ... be awesome instead of just blocking...

    I would really appreciate it. And i / we really would use it.

    (HINT: Im the CEO of an big Multigaming community)

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    I back this suggestion. Even if TeamSpeak doesn't think it makes sense, they could leave that decision to the user.

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    Just searched for this and I can only second this.
    The reason for using spacers can vary a lot, e.g.: in my particular case I've a cspacer as a header which also has a description with information. Every channel which holds information has a small info icon except this particular one as it is a spacer.

    The only reason I could think of why you would not want to implement this is the 'Moderated' icon, but this could be optional (for spacers), too.

    Anyways, would love to see this being implemented in an upcoming version!

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    Isn't the "spacer" a broken feature anyway?

    Actually, there is no spacer. A spacer is a regular channel.

    A "spacer" is merely a (poorly documented) parser which takes cryptic pseudo BB code tags from the channel name and changes the way the channel name is rendered in the tree.

    This doesn't work in the channel info pane which still shows the raw name including the cryptic pseudo BB code.
    It doesn't work in bookmarks which still show the raw name including the cryptic pseudo BB code.
    It doesn't work in third party scripts such as viewers which still show the raw name including the cryptic pseudo BB code unless they implement their own parser.

    A spacer should be a different element, not a "channel with special meaning".

    The other purposes spacers are (ab)used for are merely workarounds for other missing features.

    Why do people put tons of information into spacer channels? They do it because there simply is no other place to put rich-text other than channel descriptions and possibly the very limited host and welcome messages.

    What people probably want instead is a place to put rich-text data that is not directly related to a channel (family).

    This could go into the server info pane which - at this point - is a massive waste of space. It would be perfectly suitable for writing down server rules and other server-wide information.

    What I'm also frequently abusing spacers for is grouping. Since there is no group feature, people construct their own purely "visual" groups using spacers and possibly sub-channels.

    What's the point of having a channel that nobody can join because it's only job is to hold the description for the channel family?

    Maybe, it would make more sense to be able to put channels into groups.

    Groups could have descriptions and possibly also settings and permissions (for inheritance by channels in that group) attached to them, but no voice or chat functionality attached to them.

    In the end, what TeamSpeak probably needs is someone who has the guts to change existing features for the better and someone who knows how to design intuitive user interfaces.

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    Add the featured to show icon in cspacer

    It makes a lot of sense to add the featured to show a icon in Cspacer

    I am part of a club, which has let e-sport in and we use the channels for different teams in different games
    therefore, it will be nice to show a icon for the games channels also for information channels where you use cspacer.
    It makes it easier to seperate information for the teams. It will give more platforms for spreding information.

    Just saying to you Teamspeak if you doesn't adapt Discord will beat you and in a lot of ways they already do. Specific at this topic.

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