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    How to use Server Query + Some Quick Questions

    I used PuTTy to get into my server query and im in successfully, when I enter my query name and password it responds with error id=0 msg=ok so i'm guessing that means i successfully logged in, but from here, I have absolutely no idea what to do, like what command that can be used. For example, how can I give myself a rank through console? Thanks.

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    There is a documentation about the ServerQuery which you can find here

    as you have guessed right the "id=0 msg=ok" indicates that the command has been executed successfull

    the command to add Groups to a Client through Query would be this one:
    servergroupaddclient sgid={groupID} cldbid={clientDBID}

    you can get the {clientDBID} through the command clientlist
    and the {groupID} through the command servergrouplist

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