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    Teamspeak3 Bandwitch - High ping - Packet loss

    i have an teamspeak3 hosted on a vps with 1Gbps connection and i don;t know why i have so much packetloss ! Some day i have 3 -5 packetloss to my server ! Name:  teamspeak3.png
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    It's not just the server, but also all the clients.
    That number is a total percentage lost for any reason. So if you have clients on there with bad connections then they will drive the percentage up, whereas all other clients are probably fine at the same time.
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    It hasnt to be the server itself (but it could be true that the server has some problems but the hosting provider will inform you anyhow). If you host a public server and people all around the world are joining in then its not very seldom that you see a high ping or high packetloss like this. Its absolutely normal and 0.14 % of the OVERALL server are not bad. Some serveradmin is dreaming of those numbers .

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