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    Avast Premiere Firewall Blocks The TeamSpeak Server I Host

    Hello all, for the past 8 months, I've been hosting a Teamspeak server from my computer for about 10 people. Today I decided to change antivirus to Avast. The problem I am having is that Avast's Firewall blocks the Teamspeak server from hosting even though I have the ports port forwarded and an exception created within the firewall. The only time the server functions is when I turn off the Firewall, which I wouldn't feel comfortable doing. Any help is appreciated!

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    This isnt an issue with teamspeak, this is an issue with Avast. Go to avast support get them to fix their shit.

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    Try uninstalling the Firewall Component of Avast.

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    Why did you install a firewall?

    • 99.9% of users are using an NAT (if you say you forwarded single ports, you own an NAT). If NAT is enabled, a software firewall is not required for inbound traffic unless there are unknown computers in your network.
    • Because of NAT, firewalls would only affect outbound traffic. They usually fail to block actual threats (=you installed a virus) anyway but succeed well in blocking legit services like TeamSpeak.
    • There's Windows Firewall on your computer. Why don't you use that? It is as pointless as any other firewall if it comes to blocking threats, but doesn't block TeamSpeak and stuff unless you want to.

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