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1) That's currently not possible. The TS3 client's plugin sdk brings this restriction. Each plugin has one menu with one level of submenus. Which means, pyTSon has one menu and every python plugin can add submenus to this. I thought about adding the menus myself (with the possibilities of the Qt framework), but this is a) a little hacky and b) is easy for the mainmenu, but not that easy for the contextmenus in the serverview tree. But looking again into this is already on my todo.
Yep, that makes sense, just trying to find the most intuitive route for menu context. Not a problem at all, I can probably just add my actions to a modal.

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) As fas as I know, you'd need to grant the permission b_client_ignore_antiflood to your client or servergroup to prevent antiflood actions against your client.
Ah interesting, I wasn't aware of this flag, I will look into it.

Thanks for the timely reply, I appreciate the info.