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    How to create guests on my local server to test on?

    Is there a way I can make guests on my local server for testing? I'm currently using a laptop next to my PC to make another user but I would prefer just doing it on my PC as the laptop isn't mine. Whenever I connect to the server on a second tab, it just copies my permissions so it doesn't work for permissions testing.

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    Yes that is possible.
    First create a second identity

    Ctrl+I -> Add.

    Then click Connect -> click More -> Identity (select your newly created Identity) -> Connect.

    And your set up.
    Basically you have to connect with a different Identity. Just imagine it as a user account your client logs into the server.
    You can create multiple identities and connect with those to test stuff.

    You need to create those identities only once!
    And you can setup bookmarks to make it a bit easier to connect. (Pressing Ctrl while clicking on a bookmark connects in a tab)

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