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    Exclamation [Not Possible] Plugin to capture and log permission checks and fails

    I was wondering if a TeamSpeak3 plugin was available to do the following:
    • log all checks for permissions (ie, joining a channel or kicking a user)
    • show the power of that user for the action
    • show the needed power for the action
    • show whether or not the action passed or failed, due to permissions

    For instance, it could log when a user attempts to poke another user, and whether or not they succeeded, and with what power levels.

    If anyone knows of a plugin like this, that would be appreciated.

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    While it might be possible to do that for the own client (the one running the plugin) it's not possible to do so for other users.
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    To clairfy, this wouldn't even be possible by adding a plugin to the server, which in turn saves a simple log file?

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    There is no plugin-interface within the server.
    So this is not possible.

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