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    [request] Display Server-Chat in extra Windows

    I wondered, if there is an easier way to display the Server-Chat.
    I want to have it on a seperated Window for only one Server.
    I'm just trying to create a Java-Program (yes, its Java, but I dont know other language as well), but there I need to read the whole .html from my client-log... And its possible, that it is >30MB...
    So, is there any Plugin yet (I didn't find...) or do you have suggestions?
    I didn't make an Plugin yet, so if there is someone...?

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    Python and does only work for all servers at once but it should give you a idea

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    Did you try Bluscream's solution?

    I can't help with Java or Python - I do C/C++. A very simple window, displaying pure text without bells and whistles (i.e. without emojis/linkification/search function/...) is easily doable. But 30 MB of log messages sounds like you need a more sophisticated solution.

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