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    Server Removes Groups on shutdown

    So i am running server for the first time and i don't know much.

    1. My server crashes with this log message:
    No idea why, maybe it's to the host?

    2. It doesn't get back up so i have to start it manually with YaTQA (i have autostart on)

    3. It removes all server groups from the clients, they are all saved in server groups, they aren't deleted, but they are revoked from clients, so i have to add server groups again every time server gets down.

    I need some help and guides, as i said, my 1st time using both host and ts server

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    Please let help and ecplain a bit.

    1. A shutdown is no crash.
    Please read server log 0 and you may see why the server was stopped.

    2. I Don't know what YaTQA should do when the server was stopped. I think this only restarts when server did crash or when the whole server process isn't running.

    3. Your groups are not permanent (check your permissions and enter permanent into the filter)

    or nothing was written into your database.
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