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    First off. Yes I know the difference. If I speak about supported or not I mostly refer to the second.
    Otherwise I would say it's not possible to do that, which is more clearly even though it might be wrong, cause given money, time and some disassembling you might very well introduce new behavior... but let's stay realistic.

    And I totally disagree.
    Even a 5 y/o can copy paste the commands to get it up and running.
    You don't need any competence to get it to start in a more or less broken way,
    but it might be an aweful setup that is unmaintanable.

    Main problem is that you cannot prevent people from being stupid and breaking things.
    You have to be smart to know your incapabilities and most people lack those.

    But before we drift to far into off topic.

    I guess it is a setup that some people described in an online HOWTO. However used it to setup the server clearly doesn't know what he's doing and I would recommend to read up on basic administration first. Get to know how stuff works on that system and then go on and install and use "unsupported" third party applications like TeamSpeak.

    The easiest way to set it up is extract and run it as a user. That's also the setup you will get help from the devs here.
    But if you want working auto-startup, log-rotation etc. you will have to put a bit more effort into this.

    Best would be to build your own system package you can install with your package manager. But that requires good knowledge of your system and you won't get any support by the developers.

    Btw. are you guys planing on getting people to setup some maintaned distro packages?
    It would make distributing updates a lot easier for end-users and also allow automatic unattended updates for security hotfixes.

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    As far as I remember, Teamspeak never answered the request to make distribution-specific packages available. There would be a benefit: if you were able to install Teamspeak via rpm on redhat-like systems or apt on debian-like systems, most basic questions like user, file system permissions, file location, service startup would not arise. It would just work after installing a package, and support could focus on real Teamspeak problems, not on basic OS questions.
    I assume half of the threads in the server forums would vanish and dante's posting frequency would half as well

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    ^ +1 to that.

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