I'm working with the ts3_sdk_3.0.3.2 SDK and i have a couple questions about how to correctly implement them.

I have a user that is creating a Channel in a server, the client will send the create channel request and wait for the corresponding callback. From what i have seen about the way TS works, when the channel is created, the created channel event is broadcasted to all currently connected clients, with the invokerID set to the ID of the client that requested the creation.

My question is, if there is a way to make it so the server only sends the event to the specific client that requested the channel creation, i don't need any other client to know about that event.

Also, i wanted to segment users into channels following a logic for my application, i need users to talk in pairs, and at no given point in time there will be more that two users in the same "Channel" i was wondering if in terms of implementation is better to create a channel for each pair of users or work with the whisper lists? It seems that i can achieve it using both approaches.

Also thinking about the same scenario, i want a user to create a channel if it doesn't exist automatically when connected to the server and join the channel without having to do the complete flow in the client of waiting for the connection, then creating the channel when it doesn't exist, the moving the client to that channel. Similar to what happens if you specify a default channel in the connection and the channel exists, the user will join it immediately.