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    [Request] Overlay Plugin


    I am looking for plugin, which shows me ingame who talks in my channel.
    I tried Overwolf, but i dont need a "second Steam" or a "second App Store" on my computer, which opens 3 or 4 processes in my task-manager.

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks for help

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    PlayClaw software has ts3 overlay. This is not free tool, but overlay works even in trial mode.

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    Overlay Plugin

    I'm looking for the Overlay plugin. I didn't find it, and i really want it in my TS3
    Thanks in advance :P

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    Is there any functioning overlay that is not Overwolf?

    It seems like most of the projects are were dropped by their respective developers. There is Overwolf, but it's quite annoying and doesn't work in all games. Are there any alternatives?
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    The best and stable one :

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    Looking for overlay

    Hello everyone. I have had TS for the longest time. I am looking for an overlay to see who is talking to me ingame. I have Overwolf but it doesn't work for my game. The game is called Naval Action. Any help on this would be much appreciated,

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    Teamspeak Overlay in Steam without Overwolf

    Hi There

    Would it be possible to get an overlay for Teamspeak without using Tamspeak as using Overwolf doesnt always work and if it was built in to Teamspeak it should work all the time all you would need to do is set up a Hotkey for the overlay to come up on the screen when the game is on and even a hotkey for an overlay lock which locks the teamspeak overlay on your screen to save you holding the button you choose as you hotkey to bring the overlay up

    Thanks for Reading
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dean C View Post
    ... and if it was built in to Teamspeak it should work all the time ...
    No Overlay works all the time. A lot time has passed for Overwolf to even support a fraction of games.

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