Hello everyone,
as 1st I'm new member on this forums and I'm so sorry if this is not right section for this but I think it is.. xD

Well I have few questions..

So bassicly I want to ask all of you, how to make rooms which can be helpful? For example:
I want to make room called "Toggle Poke" & "Toggle Message" and when someone join in that room he should get perm (which already exist) "Don't poke" or "Don't message" I saw it on few teamspeak's and I really want it.
Also my 2nd and last question is how to make something like Ts Bot which will be able to move afk guys on ts in "AFK Room" from for example: Hub" if you are afk for 15 mins or something like that and when you join he should message you with some custom msgs & commands. :C
I hope you can understand what exactly do I want so if anyone can help me, please do that :c

Thank you all for reading, peace.