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    Wireless Headset Having Teamspeak-specific Issues

    Hey guys,

    I have run out of friends to ask regarding how to fix this issue. Hopefully, one of you can help me out.

    -I used to have a Razer Kraken Pro Headset (wired), which worked above-average on teamspeak and Skype.
    -I replaced it due to wanting to go Wireless + wear in the ear cups.
    -I bought a Razer Man O' War Headset (wireless). For those not familiar, its Razer's best headset.
    -It works perfectly on Skype, with zero background noise, etc. Audio is excellent, Mic Quality is excellent.
    -It works barely on Teamspeak. I am extremely quiet, and there is a lot of other noise. (not background noise, just a weird amount of random-ass noise.)
    -As a result, talking with me on TS is impossible, as the distortion is painful to listen to.

    some helpful information
    -I run TS3, the latest version.
    -All of my drivers (including those relating to sound) are up-to-date.
    -Headset works fine on all other applications and browsers (other than TS).
    -I have tried changing my capture and microphone devices on TS Settings to the headset I am using.
    -This is NOT Bluetooth, it rather involves a small chip put into a USB drive, which produces a wireless signal for the headset to use.

    So now I ask, how do I fix this, if there exists a method by which to? Anyone got any ideas?


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    I literally have the exact same problem, moved from Razer Kraken Pro to Man O'War and it does not work at all. No sound, nothing. Sometimes I'll get like half a second of it then it just denies me. I had my old Razer Kraken Pro and I wanted to see if it would work with that and it did, I just plugged it back in and it was perfectly fine! Someone please help me out here.

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