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    how to let guest user lock channel/set user limit? (reset when empty again)

    i have dedicated channels for different games, like cs and siege. for them i have sub-channels that have a max userlimit of the teamsizes in the respective game so users can join these and play without being disturbed.

    for some of the games that i have dedicated channels for there is no max teamsize, like dayz and arma 3. so for these sub-channels i want the guest users to be able to either change the max userlimit or lock the sub-channel for more users to join. and to clarify, its just for these sub-channels and no other sub-channels or channels.

    but when they leave the sub-channel (its empty again) i want it to reset to unlimited users/open again, if they dont change it themself.

    is this something i can do with permissions? Or are there any add-on/plugin for this? Or someone has an easier/better way of doing it?

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    You will need scripting for this.
    Either there are tools that can do that for you already or you will have to write your own little bot/application that does that for you.
    You can do almost all of this with permissions, however the reset if empty is impossible without scripting.

    Just hinting on the permission thing.

    You can create a temporary channel group:

    This channel group is allowed to:
    • Change the maxclients setting for these channels,
    • has the sticky bit set (explained later) and
    • group members cannot remove themselves or others from that channel group.

    The sub channels must have permissions set so that:
    • People can add themselves or others into that channel group. (adding only works when those people are in the channel, luckily!)

    → This allows everyone in a channel to:
    • Set maxclients on that channel after assigning the channel group onto themselves.
    • The sticky bit prevents these people from hopping into other channels and change the settings there. (if they have the permission in one channel they cannot join any other channel without disconnecting first, which removes the channel group for that channel -> they cannot change the value).

    So basically this would allow all points except the auto reset. And another caveat is that clients need to disconnect before leaving the channel :/
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