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    [REQUEST] Teamspeak BOT that assigns and revokes server groups

    Hello reader,

    Currently im working on a ranking system for Arma 3, in short the players are awarded points for difrent trainings and gain points for time spend on server. This is all calculated from a excel document and a tracker on the server. based on that score they will get a rank and this will be exported to the squad.xml that we use in the game itself. This contains the information about playername and their Rank.
    Ingame there is a self made addon that grabs that information and places a rank on their shoulders.
    The only thing that isn't automated is the asigning of the servergroups acording to their ranks.

    So the questions are:
    -Is it possible to make a bot assign servergroups?
    -Is this possible with information from the Squad XML page?
    Aditionally i can include the users unique teamspeak number if nessecary.
    -Who is willing to help me?

    Kind regards,


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    -Me, I'm busy however, but you could still ask me questions.

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