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    Email Verification

    i registered with team speak but didn't receive verification email, then i use my other 2 emails but same problem exist not received verification email. please do something.
    thank you.
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    The mail system is up and running again.
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    I don't receive a password reset email

    can who faced this problem and solved it?
    the problem in the following forgot the password of the TS3 account,I press the "Reset password" button, but the e-mail with the code is not.I tried none once for 3 days but still nothing. after that, I wanted to reset the password on my girlfriend's account to make sure that the problem is not just me. nothing comes to her e-mail either. I create a new mail, register a new TS3 account, but the confirmation email also does not come. on the official website miraculously appeared a message about password reset,password I n. but TS3 is not included.never goes anywhere. I go to ts3 website where there are questions and answers( when trying to log in there writes: "We were unable to log in because this account is disabled.". I'm trying to re-register an account on this e-mail,writes that the e-mail address is already busy.tried where the login says "activate account" too nothing, the account is activated. What to do?

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    Registered for a myTeamspeak account twice now, still haven't gotten email

    Title basically says it all. I thought I'd give it a bit, but it's been over a week, and I tried again and still nothing.

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