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    Old recovery key lost - How to make new

    So, here is a thing.

    I have lost a password. Reinstalled Windows, reinstalled team speak 3.1.10 and was not aware of the recovery key thing. I had my settings saved manually on my hdd which died... etc...
    And I had to change password without knowing that there is a recovery key thing... So, I lost my old account although it is my old one and only team speak account..
    But now, I do not want to make the same mistake again and I want to make a new recovery key and start all over again in collecting ts servers and permissions I can get. But, there is no way I can make new recovery key.
    On Tools - Options - myTeamSpeak (where I am logged in with my account with Automatic Synchronization checked in) New Recovery Key option is unclickable. So, I can not make a new recovery key.

    What should I do now? How to make a new recovery key?

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    You can not create a new one till you used fallback to reset your account.
    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    You can click the notification or there should be a yellow exclamation mark that you can do a right click.

    These will open a new window asking you to enter the recovery key or the Fallback button.
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    Solved. Thank you for the solution and thank you for your fast reply.

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