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    [Request] MusicBot

    Hi all :D

    I'm looking for a musicbot BUT :
    -Without VirtualAudioCable
    -Without a second PC
    -With using a 24/7 Bot

    It's for a TeamSpeak server who I'm the administrator and I want my members to listen to music when they want !


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    The TS3 server is rented and you don't got access to the server/VPS itself?
    I can't think of any way to set it up without a physical or virtual machine.

    What I did was just connect one of my servers as a client and plug in a loopback aux cable.
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    What about

    Uses the Soundboard-Plugin. So no VAT and free. You need a second client instance of TS, but it can run on the same system as the server and is pretty easy to install and maintain.

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