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    Help with file transfer upload through telnet (ftinitupload)

    Hi, I have no idea what the function ftinitupload does through telnet.
    All I can seem to get it to do is create a blank file on the virtual server directory on the server.
    What does it do?
    Thank you.

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    The method is used to initialize a file upload. You get a transferkey back which you have to use when connecting to the file transfer port later.

    After connecting to the file transfer port you have to send the transferkey first and then the binary data of the file to upload.

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    How to actually use ftinitupload

    I'm very confused about how to actually use ftinitupload.

    I create a file with it and it returns and ftkey.

    So now how do I actually upload the file?

    I tired serializing the ftkey followed by the image using Java simple sockets and that didn't seem to work. It just kept the image at 0 bytes.

    How do I actually send the file data. Can I use an FTP client?

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