TeamSpeak version including build number (for example 3.0.0-rc1 [Build: 12345]) (14/7/2016) Qt 5.5.1

Operating System including Service Packs or Kernel Version/Patchset
Windows 10 latest updates

Soundcard & Driver version
USB soundcard integrated in headset

DirectX version 12

Error message (information out of your client or server logfiles can be very useful)
No entries in logfile when this appears.

How often does the error appear?
Every time the mic is muted by collapsing it into the headset.

What did you try to fix the problem?
Reconnect usb base station.

What device do you use and are your drivers up to date?
Logitech G930 wireless USB headset. Drivers are up to date.

Please tell us your capture or playback settings.

Check your default Capture and Playback devices

Try to select your device directly and not default under Settings > Options > Playback or Capture.
TS forgets this if started when device is disconnected.

Is there a capture or playback profile set in your bookmark?

Have you tried to send something with Push-To-Talk/Continous Transmissions enabled?

Are you sure, that you channel isn't moderated and or you have enough talk power to speak in it?

Check that the channel isn't in silence mode. This happens when a lot users (differs from server server to server via server setting) are in channel.