I would like to request a Plugin for TeamSpeak that should be called "Music Mode"
This plugin should add a button to TeamSpeak where if it is pushed, it would allow others in the channel to hear what you are hearing, may that be playing a song from Youtube or from Media Player etc. It should also allow voice transmission to go through the same time or at least have the option to enable.

Simple, no additional software required, just press and play.

There is a feature like this in the VoIP software called Raidcall for reference, one press of the button transmits what you hear.
That software went down the crapper tho and it wasn't nearly as customizable as TS, so no, I don't want to use that instead.

Any good coder out there that would like to take on this challenge?

PS: Please don't suggest the Virtual Cable or StereoMix options as they are complicated and inefficient.