Hello friends, I made a bot automatic registration of a client, so the client if it has the degree of "intruder" to receive automatic degree "trusted", just like the new update to TeamSpeak server, I appear the following errors:


$serverquery_username = "regm"; //Serverquery login username
$serverquery_pass = ""; //Serverquery login password
$serverip = "89."; //Teamspeak 3 server IP, only IP not port
$serverquery_port = "10011"; //Serverquery port
$serverport = "9987"; //Teamspeak 3 server port
$serverquery_nickname = "OnlyRegister"; //Nickname for bot serverquery
$msg = "[b]Contul tău a fost validat cu succes.Acum poți accesa canale!/n Your account has been successfully validated. | You can now access channels";
$channel = '19';
$guestgroup = "9"; //ID of guest group
$membergroup = "32"; //ID of member group

//connect serverquery.
$ts3_VirtualServer = TeamSpeak3::factory("serverquery://$serverquery_username:[email protected]$serverip:$serverquery_port/?server_port=$serverport&nickname=$serverquery_nickname");

//get guest users online. only online.
$arr_ClientList = $ts3_VirtualServer->clientList(array("client_servergroups" => "$guestgroup"));

//give member group for user(s).
foreach($arr_ClientList as $ts3_Client)
$ts3_VirtualServer->clientPoke($ts3_Client, $msg);
$ts3_VirtualServer->clientMove($ts3_Client, $channel);

I tried to make the query separate accounts, but the same problem I do not know what she do.
I need your help, thanks in advance.