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    [Suggestion] Authorized clients whitelist ?


    I've been thinking on how could I make my server private without a password (because if I change it for a reason, I'll have to send it back to my friends and it takes time when the server has 50+ active people on it).
    So I started searching for a plugin or something else that could help me, but the ones I found weren't doing what I wanted them to do. Then I thought about something : why wouldn't we have a whitelist, like Minecraft servers do (if I remember correctly, didn't play it in years).

    Like, a file where we add authorized people's UUID or/and IP.
    Would be great if this gets added imo.

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    You can add .* as UID ban and give the clients that should be able to connect b_client_ignore bans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluscream View Post
    You can add .* as UID ban and give the clients that should be able to connect b_client_ignore bans
    Ikr, but that's kind of a tricky and unofficial way to do it haha !
    What I was asking is a clean section (or even a plugin !) dedicated to that function .

    Anyways, thanks for the tip mate.

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    I don't think that we add such whitelist in the future.
    The password function is kind of a whitelist alreadyand only allows user who know the password to enter it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Grid_ View Post
    that's kind of a tricky and unofficial way to do it
    It's not unofficial. It's just one road that leads to Rome.

    Adding such ban will cause problems, when user lost his identity or does use another one. And telling him the password will not help here in future, because you have to remove the ban first.

    There is another way with permission b_virtualserver_join_ignore_password.
    Add this permission to your Normal (or other) group and then add the users into that group.
    Now you can change the password whenever you want and nobody will need the new one (as long the user does use the same identity).
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    A sollution would be a "Bot", which uses the query-connection and checks every user, which connects to your server.

    If this user is not on your whitelist, he will be kicked/banned/what ever you want from the server.

    Maybe someone has already build something like that, but it should not be a great problem, creating such a bot.

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