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    C# - ts3client_startConnection - How to pass in defaultChannelArray

    I have this question posted on StackOverflow as well if you need a little more context:

    Anyway, I am using the ts3client SDK and I am trying to pass the defaultChannelArray parameter to ts3client_startConnection().

    Here is the code straight from the example:

    string defaultarray = "";
    /* Connect to server on localhost:9987 with nickname "client", no default channel, no default channel password and server password "secret" */
    error = ts3client.ts3client_startConnection(scHandlerID, identity, "localhost", 9987, "client", ref defaultarray, "", "secret");
    if (error != public_errors.ERROR_ok) {
    	Console.WriteLine("Error connecting to server: 0x{0:X4}", error);
    Anytime I try to change defaultarray to anything other than "", I get an AccessViolationException (Additional information: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.)

    What is the correct way to pass a C# string to startConnection()'s defaultChannelArray parameter?


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    It has been solved! You can view my supplied answer on StackOverflow here:

    Basically I changed the DllImport to
    string[] defaultChannelArray
    ref string defaultChannelArray
    and passed in a simple string array.

    My client was then able to join a different channel!

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