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    easy way to move...

    You know how you can click and drag shortcuts on your desktop and move the group why not implement that into teamspeak:.

    Lets say you have it like a tool in teamspeak like the selection tool in photoshop, you can have it set to move people, channels, spacers, or a mixture of them. so lets say you have it on people you could then click on a corner then click another corner selecting all the people then move them all to one channel.


    At least be able to ctrl click people then drag them to a channel.

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    Moving multiple Users at once

    Dear Teamspeak,

    i would like ask for the option to move multiple users by marking all of them and drag them to a new channel.
    If you have to move more then one person, it gets quite annoying.



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    The plugin is a workaround, not a permanent solution for the busyness or lazyness of the devs ^^

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    No, it isn't. It is a modular way to allow users with curious needs to adept the software and spare the rest of the world a software with many unneeded features.

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    It has limitations a client with multi-select wouldn't have. So it is a workaround.

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    Multiple User/Channel Selection

    I am also interested in a feature like this.

    Is there any official statement of TeamSpeak?

    The MassMover is a nice thing, but is not able to move people across the server. If I need to pick only a few people of each channel, this will not be possible with MassMover. And much faster would the manual selection. Perhaps you select via group, but forgot that in this group was also a person, which should not get moved... and so on...

    My opinion: In a professional software a feature like this is basic and need not to be a plugin.

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