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    Question Will TSDNS get the feature to bind to a specific IPv4 address and get IPv6 support?


    I running my own server and have on my NIC more then one IPv4 and IPv6. The TeamSpeak3 server provides the possibility to bind to single IPv4 and now also IPv6 address. But the TSDNS binary only binds globally to and do not support IPv6. Is there a plan to provide the bind feature to the TSDNS binary and add IPv6 support?
    Currently I use LD_PRELOAD shim to bind TSDNS to my desired IPv4 but with this way it is not possible for IPv6 if the TSDNS binary get IPv6 support.
    If you intressiert in LD_PRELOAD shim:
    Link 1
    Link 2 with a how to

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    Just use SRV RR already. Relieve yourself of that burden, let internet work in your favor.

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