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    Opus codec quality question

    Does having the codec quality to 10 using opus affect peoples bandwidth usage, or is this server side only?

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    Of course it does affect them. They need this bandwidth when they talk (upstream) and they need it for every other person talking (downstream). If they don't have the bandwidth they need, they will drop after a few seconds.

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    The server does no recoding of audio data. It simply copies the audio streams it receives from the clients to all the other clients in the channel. What one speaker generates (quality x), all the others will receive (same quality). If their bandwith is too low, they get packet loss and eventually a disconnect.

    If you design the audio quality of a channel, ask your users what internet bandwidth they have. Don't set an audio quality that has a greater bandwidth requirement than the bandwidth of your slowest user. And think about other online activity of your slowest user. He must be able to not only hear things in Teamspeak, he must also be able to play his online game without lags or packet loss.

    And if 2 people talk simultanously, the bandwidth doubles, because 2 streams are received by the server and sent to all clients. Your slowest user should be able to receive even these 2 streams without lags and in addition be able to play his online game without lags.

    As far as I see (hear) it, a voice quality of more than the default 6 isn't useful. You don't really hear it. The hardware equipment (microphones) of most users isn't even able to produce a good enough quality to support this.

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