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    Does Teamspeak use any ports related to BitTorrent or other P2P services?

    I was having trouble connecting to my teamspeak server while I was using my VPN however everything else worked just fine. I contacted them and they stated the following

    Hi there,

    Unfortunately it looks like TeamSpeak shares a similar default port range as the bittorrent protocol. [REDACTED] does not support the downloading of Torrents or P2P and, as an undesired side effect, TeamSpeak is also getting blocked. We apologize for the inconvenience!
    I cannot find anything that would say that they do infact use a port that is related to BitTorrent or a Peer to Peer service. Are they incorrect?

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    BitTorrent is around the upper 6000, TeamSpeak is in the upper 9000. Both use UDP.

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