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    Planet TeamSpeak Guest Unauthorized Access

    I was going through the list of clients on my TS Server and found that "Planet TeamSpeak Guest" had logged in for a second last night. Server has been password protected from the beginning so this access was definitely unauthorized.

    Googled "Planet TeamSpeak Guest" and found that Planet TeamSpeak is a server listing website. They really shouldn't be allowed to gaining access to servers like this...

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    It's impossible, that a user could connect when there is an active password that he can't know or guess.
    Was it really a user or a Query client?
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    Googled "Planet TeamSpeak Guest" and found that Planet TeamSpeak is a server listing website.
    Me thinks it was a query client (like TSViewer does), they dont need a server password (AFAMK).
    You could block the query port or bind it to a local address if you want to prevent "outside access".

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