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    Teamspeak stopped recognizing mic after it's disabled and reenabled on G930/G933/G633

    hi all.
    Ive just upgraded my Logitech headset from the G930 to the G633.

    I have run into a problem with TS with these new G633 (No problems with G930), either case when I raise the mic or press the mute button, when I unmute the headset the mic doesn't reactivate so I cant speak.
    If I go into the settings/options/record and change the capture or device mode and apply the change, I get the mic back on.

    I don't have this problem if I use the TS mute.

    has any one else have this problem with the G633 and is there a fix for this?
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    I would say this is also a driver problem.

    What does your client log say, when you mute the mic.
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    Logitech g633 mute/unmute problem

    I have the same problem as this person:

    I bought the headset 2 days ago and basically when I mute my microphone on the headset and after like 1 minute I unmute it, teamspeak 3 doesnt let me talk, it still counts as muted, to make a temporary fix I have to change my audio recording device from Default to something that is disabled, apply the change and then change it back to default and apply the change again, then everything works again UNTIL I mute my microphone again not on ts3 the mute options but on the headset itself.

    This guy said in his thread that its solved, I was wondering if someone can help me with this problem, I also had the Logitech G930 headset before and everything was working perfectly well.

    If anyone has a solution please let me know ASAP, thanks!

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    Teamspeak stopped recognizing G930/G933/G633 mic after it's disabled and reenabled

    TS -

    Logitech G930 headset

    Been working perfectly until Logitech software installed update. Still works perfectly with all other programs on the PC but intermittently the headset seems to disconnect inside TS. Can reproduce by muting mic on HS with either button or lifting the boom....HS will not reactivate unless you do one of two things:

    1> Exit TS and reenter

    2> Go into Settings->Options -> Capture and switch Capture device and hit apply. There are only two options - default and Logitech. It makes no difference which you select as long as it is the opposite of whatever is set when you first open the screen.

    Randomly I get the HS just dropping TS - both audio feeds - headphones and mic...and have to do one of the reconnect options.

    I have uninstalled the Logitech software, tried a different G930, and deleted all drivers from my 64bit W7 machine and reinstalled.


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    Headset mute issues.

    I am using a Logitech G930 Headset with the flip boom mute feature. You rotate the boom up over your head and it mutes the headset.
    I'm having an issue with this. Every time the headset is muted, Teamspeak stops picking up sound from it even after I unmute it and produces some horrible static noise. It does this every time and will not pick up sound again until I restart my computer. Other applications on my computer also won't pick up sound from the headset even though it is unmuted and I have verified it is unmuted in the Windows audio settings AND Windows audio settings says it's picking up sound. Additionally, I can only use the headset in directsound which is rather strange.

    Any ideas? I can't even mute my headset unless I use TeamSpeak's native mute feature.

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    Teamspeak stopped recognizing G930/G933 mic after it's disabled and reenabled

    Hello everyone!

    I am having an issue with Teamspeak 3 involving my Logitech G933, as well as my friend utilizing a G930. Any help would be awesome!

    When the headset's built in mute is activated then deactivated, intermittently Teamspeak may not pick up the microphone audio until the program is restarted or the selected capture device is cycled away and back to the headset.
    Looking at TS's error log, no related events are recorded.

    I'm not sure what to do on this one - TS3 is the only program that is having this issue. It works properly in Ventrillo, Mumble, Steam, Skype and the ingame audio of the games we play.

    Here is what I have tried so far
    I have suspected Logitech's gaming software - I have reproduced the issue without the software, with the newest software (8.83.85) and a much older version (8.51.5).
    I have been able to reproduce the issue with the MS default drivers, in addition to Logitech's latest drivers.
    I have deleted teamspeak (Including AppData) and reinstalled the latest version. The issue is reproduced in 32 and 64 bit software.

    The above issue, attempted solutions and results were mirrored on two systems, the only significant difference being the headset and AMD/Intel CPUs. This was all tested on Windows 10.

    Any help would be great!
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    I am still experimenting for a solution but I have had no success so far.

    If anyone can comment on what could be done here, I would love any input.

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    Mic stops working

    I recently bought a new wireless headset (Logitech G930) and i have an issue.

    When i am in TS and goes afk for a little while i pull up my mic and thereby mutes it, or press the mute button on the headset that mutes it as well. But the problem is that when i come back, TS sometimes dont capture my voice to TS. the audio works fine but people cant hear me.

    I know that if i restart TS it works fine again.
    It also starts working again if i enter settings and change the mic driver to something else and back to my G930 drivers.

    Another this to note is that on skype i dont have to do anything to make it work again, Skype instantly starts capturing my voice after i unmute.

    How do i resolve this issue ?

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