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    Any solution?

    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    The client must detect a monitor on a graphical interface. Your client could not find a monitor.

    My guess without some details from you:
    You are trying to run the client as a console client or on a server.
    Doing that is not supported from us. The client must be running on a graphical interface "Rendered GUI on a graphics card to an existing monitor"
    You said to run ts client on a server is not supported by you. How does Ts3musicbot-services run their clients then? Can I resolve this by setting up a vm on my server and install the client there? Or any other way around without a real monitor?


    The next thing is that Iíve got Sinusbot installed on the same server and it works perfectly. So there has to be a solution.

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    Didn't write it's impossible.
    But we do not give any support here or give any answers how you can do this. Because it's not supported.

    We only give support when client runs on a desktop environment with real (non virtual) hardware connected.
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