Hi folks!

Were using the voxility ddos protection and its working quite good, but the chance of another user behind voxility getting ddosed is obv. quite high. Even my provider got an private IC which i know isnt on high load and voxility claims to have a total capacity of over 800gbit which they can filter the problem is often the decix port of them and they manually need to reroute traffic over other exchanges which can take up to 10 minutes and in this timeframe the teamspeak server is lagging quite heavily.

My idea was basicly to route the traffic normally while not under ddos and using voxility only in case, so the question is, how does the client interpret multiple a-records? Is it the normal round-robin? A low ttl seems to be a solution but i dont realy like it. Even tho its low it takes time and beside that i have to do it manually or code (which i cant ) a script for it.

What do you guys think??
Im open minded to any other ideas!

Kind regards

PS: sry for this shitty english, i tried my best