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    Phonetic Nickname: Reference Chart?

    Hello world!

    In reference to: [Set Phonetic Nickname]

    Like many of you probably, my first shot at getting the TTS engine to say my name correctly was less than spectacular, to say the least.
    After trying every combination of vowels I could think of, I still can't get it to reproduce the pronunciation correctly.

    I was wondering if anyone could verify what syntax or phonetic system/alphabet is used by the text-to-speech interpreter in TS3?
    or are there special symbols, or non-standard characters used?

    Thanks in advance

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    I think that depends on the TTS engine, which is most likely English. So you have to type your name in English. English lacks several vowels like [y]. I loved the station IDs of now-defunct German music TV channel Würzelzucker, which contains two phonemes unpronouncable by English-speaking stars.

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