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    Editing channel name via setChannelVariableAsString

    Hi, recently I've tried to create plugin that will edit name of channels with offensive words in them, but I came across issue with flushChannelUpdates function, I've found in ts3 sdk that after calling setChannelVariableAsString you need to call flushChannelUpdates, but I don't know how to call flushChannel because of its 3rd parameter, I couldn't find any info about it, in documentation there's only implementation of this function with 2 parameters, but in C++ sdk you have to call it with 3 parameters, take a look at my code:

    void ts3plugin_onUpdateChannelEditedEvent ( uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID , uint64 channelID , anyID invokerID , const char* invokerName , const char* invokerUniqueIdentifier )
    	char* channelName;
    	ts3Functions.getChannelVariableAsString ( serverConnectionHandlerID , channelID , CHANNEL_NAME , &channelName );
    	printf ( "Checking channel name %s\n" , channelName );
    	for ( i = 0; i < sizeof ( forbiddenWords ) / sizeof ( char* ); i++ )
    		if ( strstr ( buffer , forbiddenWords [ i ] ) != 0 )
    			printf ( "Found forbidden word %s in channel name %s, editing!\n" , forbiddenWords [ i ] , buffer );
    			ts3Functions.setChannelVariableAsString ( serverConnectionHandlerID , channelID , CHANNEL_NAME , toset );
    			ts3Functions.flushChannelUpdates ( serverConnectionHandlerID , channelID , toset);
    the problem is, I don't know how to call flushChannelUpdates, it's defined as
    	unsigned int (*flushChannelUpdates)(uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID, uint64 channelID, const char* returnCode);
    what's the returnCode parameter? I tried passing there many strings, like previous channel name, new channel name, empty, or null, but none of it worked, sometimes it changes channel name, and sometimes not, showing me error:
    <15:14:16> invalid parameter size
    and sometimes when it works it changes channel name and prints 'OK' in chat

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    An errorCode is optionally used with functions that require communication with the server.
    Using an errorCode, you can identify the cause of an onServerErrorEvent for failed requests, for example when the permission system denies it.
    See client sdk manual, p.4.

    With the SDK, the string is up to you, with plugins you use createReturnCode, as shown in the example plugin. returnCode being optional, you can pass NULL to not use this feature. Note that with returnCode, onServerErrorEvent also gets called with ERROR_OK, without using the returnCode it'll only be called for errors.

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