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    Migrating a mariadb backed server

    I'm moving to a new server provider. I set up my OS of choice, installed MariaDB and so on. But I'm struggeling to import my database. I used the mysqldump utility to backup the complete database. Now I tried to import it with mysqldump. This worked fine, but when starting the server I'm prompted to enter a new key. It also looks like a fresh installation. What could be the problem?!

    Logs are fine. Just some warnings about the missing license.

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    I solved the issue thanks to this: There is a great german teamspeak forum:
    I had to execute this statement: UPDATE servers SET server_machine_id='1' WHERE server_machine_id="";

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    That shouldn't have had any effect. Machine id is only relevant to multihomed instalaltions, and in case of licensed server, it may void your license.
    Beside that, direct database alterations are not supported.

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    A server ignores any servers with a machine id not matching the one provided in the startup parameters.

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