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    Is it possible to log meta data on when voice chat is used?

    What I mean by this is it possible to create a log file and know who was talking at a particular time? For example I had a problem today in my team speak when a user decided to use racial slurs and I didn't know who it was because the room was very full but I knew exactly when it happened and for how long. If I had a log file that said user was talking for 10 seconds on channel X then I could have tracked him down and removed the correct person. If there is an addon that does this or a feature somewhere on the server let me know... I use Linux version.

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    There is no build in feature for this and i don't know if a tool with such feature does exist.

    You need to write your own tool in case you just want to log if someone was talking.
    You need to analyze every X millisecdonds or seconds who is talking.
    The ServerQuery command for this is clientlist -voice and what you need to log is client_flag_talking=1
    And optional: cid=x , client_database_id=x & client_nickname=xyz to see which channel and which user was logged here.

    You will get a lot o data and big log files.
    I don't think it's worth it to solve such social problem that way.
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    Overwolf displays only talking clients if that is of help.

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    Also this could be done with a client-plugin.

    The clientUpdate-Event will give you the informations, but only for the channel, you are in.

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