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    IP Ban isn't working on ServerQuery user

    Hello everybody.

    I'm facing a big problem on my TeamSpeak Server (actually my friends server, he pays for it ^^).

    The problem is regarding the ban of a specific IP from who ever I don't who it is. This client I wanna ban is connecting several times per day and logs then out immediately. We don't want our server to be password protected (for reasons) so I tried to ban this client a few times, cause I don't know why the heck it tries to connect.

    However, even if the IP of this client stays the same, the port number is always different. Here's a screenshot from today, which shows a few logins:

    Attachment 14352

    Now, don't you think I didn't google this issue. I found out that it is possible to use wildcards for an IP Ban and ban a specific IP range, but this also didn't work.

    I tried the following:*

    Both are not working. The client with the IP* is still able to connect to our server while those ban rules are active.

    How is this possible and what can I do to permanently ban this client?
    I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong here, because I don't believe that there's a way to bypass an IP Ban on a rental server.


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    This is a ServerQuery and can not be banned.

    What the owner can do is to add the IP into the blacklist.txt
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    Why don't you remove it from ts3index?

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    Wow, they finally let me see my own thread! Amazing :O
    Well, nevermind.

    That's an idea I will forward to my friend. Thanks.

    How do I remove it from ts3index? If it takes too long to explain, do you might have a link with some reading about this topic?

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    To prevent the server from being added automatically, I suggest removing it from weblist and changing the query port.

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    Just bind your query service to localhost and use SSH tunneling to reach it when needed.
    Saves you a lot of trouble.

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    Thank you all for the good suggestions

    I'm gonna tell my friend that he shall check out this stuff. I'll definitely answer back to let you know how we solved it, but since I don't see him very often, this might take some time.

    Thanks again,

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