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    Re-useable permissions key with "invite buddy"?

    I'm trying to get an "invite buddy" link that assigns people with a server group when they click it for placement on a website. However, that requires it to use a permissions key, which means the link will only work once. Is it possible to make it so this same link can grant that server group more than once?
    The point of this server group is to access one specific room in teamspeak, but I don't want guests to be able to access it too, so they need this server group to do so.

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    Not possible.

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    Yeah it's not possible, although been asked for multiple times. It's really a shame. I thought that would be a great feature. That way gaming clans can set up static privilege keys so people with access to a particular area of their forum or some other method could obtain what they need to get groups assigned to them. Oh well. There is a long road ahead of TeamSpeak. Things sometimes change. I currently don't do much gaming, so this would not benefit me directly but I would support the creation of such a feature.

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