Hello together,

i want to start using the TS3 SDK in my Android application.

I have the following code so far:

public class MyWrapper {

  static {

  public native int ts3client_initClientLib(ClientUIFunctions functionPointers, ClientUIFunctionsRare functionRarePointers, int usedLogTypes, String logFileFolder, String resourcesFolder);
The original method is:
unsigned int ts3client_initClientLib(functionPointers, functionRarePointers, usedLogTypes, logFileFolder, resourcesFolder);
const struct ClientUIFunctions* functionPointers;
const struct ClientUIFunctionsRare* functionRarePointers;
int usedLogTypes;
const char* logFileFolder;
const char* resourcesFolder;
When i start my application i don't get an error which says there is a lib missing or some kind of that. But when i call my Method, i get the following error:
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: No implementation found for long com.example.teamspeak3test.MyWrapper.ts3client_ini tClientLib(...)

ClientUIFunctions and ClientUIFunctionsRare are empty classes (for now). I call this method the following way:
ClientUIFunctions funcs = new ClientUIFunctions();
    int result = MyWrapper.ts3client_initClientLib(funcs, null, 0, "", "");
I found no online-tutorial for now, how to wrap native shared libraries within Android.

As IDE i'm using AndroidStudio. I hope you can give me some help to get started with the first method. Using DllImport and write a wrapper for C# was lot easier.

Thank you and best regards.