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    Possibility to Give a Client an Icon or Another Kind of Mark on the Client Side Only?

    Hello everybody!

    I am creating a plugin that is meant to help a game master moderate a game that is played in TeamSpeak. (It's a variation of The Werewolves of Millers Hollow, in case you're interested.)

    The game master assigns roles to the players, but the players don't know the roles among each other.
    My problem now is the following: I need a way for the game master to quickly see who has got which role.

    Three possibilities come to my mind, but none of them are really elegant:
    • Rename Clients. I think this is a pretty bad solution because you have to rename them back which could get tricky in some cases, for example if the game master or a player lose connection.
    • Write it on the right side where it also tells you information about the channels and clients. I guess this is an ok solution, but if there's a better one, I'd rather have that.
    • Make a new window appear which displays everything, possibly with an icon or a table. This sounds good in my head, but I've tried to get Qt to work in Visual Studio to no avail. I've also never worked with Qt, and don't really know whether this solution could work at all.

    That's why I am asking whether there is a way to display an icon for a player, similar to that of a server group, but on the client side only.
    Also, if you have any other ideas or want to comment on the three above, please do it. I am open for every idea.

    Thank you all in advance!
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    The easiest thing would be using client query for getting the client list and displaying the roles (and if people are still alive and if they can still use their gimmick) in a separate window. If that's a valid solution, I can make such program.

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    Thank you very much for the answer. Yes, that seems to be the best solution.
    I'd like to try getting it to work myself first, since learning how to write a plugin (and how to use libraries) is my primary reason and there's no hurry. I already have the code to get all the playing clients in the same channel and distribute the roles, so my only problem now is the window.

    If I may ask, which library would you use? Or would you use a programming language which supports making windows? (I am using C++, that's why I ask.)

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    I only use queries, which does not result in a plugin but in an application. For that, I have my own library for Delphi. The library is for server query, but the commands required for this are identical.

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