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    Voice rights default setting ??

    Hi all. I'm quite new to Team Speak 3, but I've found it awesome ! We are using it as a Voip/Roip hub for an amateur radio group to provide global 2 way crosslinks to different gateways.

    The issue i'm having is with regards to voice rights. Ideally, when a new user joins the group, I'd like them to not be able to TX on any talkgroup/channel until they have been "approved" by an admin.

    Once approved, I would like to add voice rights for them on specific channels only (some users have different licence classes and can only TX in certain talkgroups). I have no issue with them listening in certain talk groups, but it's important that they don't transmit etc.

    When the server first started, this appeared to work fine, but as it's got busier, new users seem to be able to sign in and TX straight away in certain talk groups/channels.

    If anyone can help point me in the right direction to work on this, i'd be most grateful. I've added a screenshot of the group FYI.



    PS: To clarify, all new server users should have no voice rights.
    Voice rights will be added to certain talkgroups by the admins for those new users.
    New users will be able to enter talk groups to receive audio only, but not transmit.
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