Hi all,

I've looked through the other threads and I think I've set up my SRV forwarding right but it's not working so I wanted to check. A friend has got a ts3 server that's got an IP address and uses a specific port. I'm not sure where it's actually hosted but I'd like to use a domain I have to make it easier to use.

Assuming the TS3 server's ip is and uses port 11987 and my domain is called mydomain.com, I've set up an A record as follows:

guildname A

then an SRV record of:

_ts3._udp.guildname SRV 1 10 11987 guildname.mydomain.com

The goal would be to give out simply guildname.mydomain.com as the ts3 address without having to deal with IP and port worries.

I think this is right and should work but it doesn't appear to be working. I'm using 123-reg for my domain, if that matters. Am I going wrong somewhere?