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    Angry TeamSpeak SKD on Android Using Qt

    I am trying to use TeamSpeak SDK on android using Qt
    1 - I link the .so file comes with TeamSpeak SDK to my Qt Project
    2 - Release and APK file and setup it on my Android phone
    it works fine without a problem and connects to TeamSpeak server but I can't open device Mic or Speaker and when I try to use
    ts3client_getCaptureModeList and ts3client_getPlaybackModeList
    to see the available devices I can't find anyone I face this problem on windows when I don't add the soundbackends file that comes with TeamSpeak SDK I think that TeamSpeak SDK should have a soundbackend for android too
    what I try to take the soundbackends on windows add it to my android phone,add the path to sound backends which is /storage/emulated/0/ but not work.
    The question is where can I get this files or what I should do to make sound work ?
    Thanks in advance

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    The current SDK versions do not include audio backends for mobile. You'll have to use custom devices.
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    Thanks for your reply
    ok what should I do please give me a hint where to start or from where I get the custom devies for android please

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    please, any help what I should I do ?

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